The BRTC Bookstore stocks most of the required supplies for classes as well as a variety of miscellaneous items. Graduation caps and gowns are also distributed through the bookstore.

The campus bookstore offers books for either purchase or rental according to the course requirement. Books to be purchased through the campus bookstore will be new only. Financial aid may be used to purchase as well as rent.

We have many items to help you succeed in your classes!

  • class materials
  • general supplies
  • gift supplies
  • electronics
  • logo merchandise
  • logo clothing
  • backpacks

Student Book Lists

The following book list identifies the required and supplemental books and computer codes/software for classes including the cost of book purchases and rentals.

Note: The book list does not identify paper, notebooks, or pens that may be required for class. These materials are usually not specified and are at the discretion of the student. Required supplies such as calculators, laptops, welding supplies, etc, are listed on your course syllabus.

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Book Rental Program

The BRTC Book Rental Program is based on a $60 per course charge, which includes all required texts for the course. Please refer to the BRTC Book Rental Program Handbook for complete details. All rental books must be returned in person to the Pocahontas or Paragould bookstore.

Financial aid is generally open for book charging according to the following schedule:

Semester Date
Fall August 1
Wintercession December 1
Spring Mid-December
Intercession May 1
Summer I May 1
Summer II June 15
  • A receipt is required for all bookstore returns, including Financial Aid.
  • All electronic codes are non-refundable once they have been redeemed.
  • A refund request will be completed and a check will be mailed.

Campus Store Returns for Cash, Credit Card, and Check

Returns may only be made within 2 weeks of the receipt date.

Financial Aid Returns, On-Campus Only

  • Fall/Spring:  Returns may only be made during the first 10 days of school.
  • Intersession:  Returns may only be made on the 1st and 2nd day of class.
  • Summer I & Summer II:  Returns may only be made the 1st week.

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