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Documents Required for Admission

An entering freshman who has never attended any college.

Required Documents

  • Official high school transcript or GED scores
  • Immunization record
  • ACT, SAT or ACCUPLACER test scores
    May take at BRTC if not yet taken.

Students who were officially enrolled in another college after high school but now seek a degree from BRTC.

Required Documents

  • Official college transcript(s) from all colleges attended
  • Official high school transcript IF have fewer than 15 earned college hours
  • Immunization record
  • Test Scores IF have fewer than 15 earned college hours or as required for placement purposes

Student who is seeking a degree from another college but is enrolled in BRTC for a class to transfer.

Required Documents

  • Immunization record
  • Letter of Good Standing – should show no holds on student's current status with the institution where they are degree-seeking
  • PLEASE NOTE – Official college transcript or placement test score may be needed depending on course placement or proof of prerequisite. 

Any student who has not been enrolled in a college for an extended period of time.

Required Documents

  • Students may need to resubmit all required documents, depending on the date of last attendance.
  • Advisors will review requirements on an individual basis after student submits the Application for Admissions and Scholarships. 

A student who is still enrolled in high school.

Required Documents

  • Must see Concurrent Coordinator and High School Counselor
  • High school Letter of Good Standing.
  • Official High School transcript
  • Immunization record
  • Test scores
Once accepted at BRTC, make sure to do the following:
  1. Register for classes
  2. Complete the FAFSA
  3. Apply for scholarships
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Paragould:     (501) 313-3875
Pocahontas:  (870) 359-6212

  • BRTC Admissions & Recruiter Principles Statement

Black River Technical College is committed to equal opportunity in its enrollment procedures and educational programs. The College also seeks to ensure a safe campus and learning environment. The College reserves the right to refuse or limit enrollment to the College or to a specific program if the applicant would be ineligible for employment or certification in that program or the College determines that an applicant presents a safety risk to College students, employees or property. As a part of that effort, BRTC will inquire into an applicant’s prior or pending criminal history including whether the applicant is required to register as a sex offender. When an applicant has been arrested for, charged with, or found responsible for a felony or is required to register as a sex offender, BRTC reserves the right to place that student’s application on hold, pending further review by the Criminal History Committee. This committee is charged with reviewing applications for admission, and readmission.

Until the review committee approves the applicant, the college shall not act on the application. The Criminal History Committee only determines whether the student’s past behavior should render him/her ineligible for admission consideration.

Criminal History Committee Structure

The Vice President of Student Affairs (or his/her designee) shall chair the committee and serve as a non-voting member. Other representatives, including legal counsel, may be added at the chair’s discretion in order to make an appropriate decision.

  • Director of Student Development
  • Director of Admissions
  • Assistant Director of Admissions
  • Public Safety Officer Supervisor
  • Director of Adult Education


If the felony and/or sex offender question on the application form is checked yes, the applicant will be sent a letter detailing the additional information needed for the application process.

All applicants that check yes will be required to submit the following:

  • Police Report of Incident(s)
  • Court Paperwork from Court decision(s)
  • Letter explaining the incident and why the applicant would like to attend BRTC
  • Reference letters (optional)
  • Criminal History Check from Arkansas and the state(s) in which the felonies occurred (Fees may be required to complete this check).

The Arkansas State Check can be completed by contacting the following:

Arkansas State Police Identification Bureau
#1 State Police Plaza Dr.
Little Rock, AR 72209
(501) 618-8500

Please make sure all the requested information is mailed in as one packet. Completed prior criminal history packets may be mailed to the following:

Director of Student Development
Black River Technical College
P.O. Box 468
Pocahontas, AR 72455

Make sure all of the requested information is mailed in as one packet. Once all of the information is received by the Director of Student Development, the Criminal History Committee will meet to review the information provided. Only complete applications will be reviewed.  The Criminal History Committee will determine if the applicant is eligible for application to BRTC. The committee may also recommend the applicant be admitted with or without special conditions related to degree selection, course scheduling, involvement in campus activities.  The decision of the review committee may be appealed. Applicants will be notified in writing of the decision.

Appeal Process

Applicants that are denied admission due to prior criminal history shall have the right to appeal, in writing, within 10 business days to the Vice President of Student Affairs. The appeal will be reviewed and a final decision rendered by the BRTC’s President’s Cabinet. The Vice President of Student Affairs will serve as a non-voting member during the appeals process in the President’s Cabinet. The President’s Cabinet’s decision will be final.

Applicants may not reapply for admission in the same academic year that they were denied by the Criminal History Committee unless there has been a change in their information.

Honesty in the Admission Process

Withholding information, lying, or submission of false information to the Criminal History Committee will result in automatic denial of admission to BRTC.

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