Meeting of BRTC\’s Emergency Management Task Force about the Coronavirus


Mar. 12, 2020 — BRTC\’s Emergency Management Task Force for Viral Epidemics/Pandemics met this morning to discuss the following:

  • Ways to ensure the health and safety of BRTC and our communities including specialized cleaning and disinfecting and maintaining a sufficient stock of necessary and preventative supplies,
  • How to provide continuity of services to employees, students, and other stakeholders as the coronavirus situation continues,
  • Ways to support the health needs of our surrounding communities, and
  • The importance of communicating clearly and frequently with all of our stakeholders.

The individuals attending this meeting were as follows:

  • Co-Chair Dane Dillion, Dillion Public Safety Officer
  • Co-Chair Dr. Brad Baine, Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • Neal Harwell, Director of Students
  • Lane Thielemier, Instructor of Physical Education and Law Enforcement Training Academy
  • Julie Edington, Director of Human Resources
  • Dr. Martin Eggensperger, President
  • Mike Greene, Director of Information Technology
  • Regina Moore, Director of Distance Education
  • Karen Liebhaber, Vice President of Institutional Advancement
  • Ramonda Housh, Dean of Nursing and Allied Health
  • Trent Ingram, Director of Physical Plant
  • Ron Patterson, Paragould Enrollment Management
  • Alan Haskins, Instructor of Fire Science

BRTC will update the Campus Health page frequently with information as it becomes available and activities the college is taking to prepare for the coronavirus pandemic.

Students, employees, community members, and visitors are encouraged to remain at home if they suspect they have been exposed to the coronavirus or are exhibiting symptoms of the flu or other illness.  BRTC encourages students to contact their instructors with any concerns or updates about their health.

BRTC encourages you to take your and your family\’s health seriously and we wish you and yours health through this new experience!