Grant Writing Services

Black River Technical College  Paragould offers grant writing services to eligible businesses and industries within Clay, Greene, Lawrence, and Randolph counties.

Office of Skills Development (OSD) Grant

OSD Grants can be written all year long for eligible businesses and consortia businesses.

NOTE:  Ideally we need 4- to 6-week notice before training begins because the state department must receive the grant app at least 2 weeks before scheduled training for committee approval on funding.

OSD Grants support the development of the Arkansas workforce by strategically investing in training programs that are prioritized by employer needs and economic impact.  Each grant application is considered according to the rubric and scoring factors detailed in the Rules and Regulations available through the Arkansas Department of Career Education web page.  Business and non-profit entities are eligible to apply.

Grant funds are matching funds, paid as post-training reimbursements upon receipt of supporting documentation.  Grants are available to support training that fall into the categories of Grow our Own, Skills, Gap, Customized Technical and Professional Development.

  • Grow Our Own - Available to organizations headquartered in Arkansas with 250 or fewer employees
  • Skills Gap - Addresses critical gaps in workforce skills having the most direct impact on skills and economic attainment, typically demanded by a regional or industry-wide need, not a single organization
  • Customized Technical - Typically associated with highly technical training that is specific to or customized for a certain industry, skill, or equipment
  • Professional Development - Typically classroom training associated with soft skills or core academic skills,, as would be applicable to a large set of employees.  Primary examples include those related to Microsoft Office products as well as Leadership, Supervision, Conflict Resolution, Safety and the like.