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With Smarthinking, students can
  • Work with a Tutor or Career Coach online, using a whiteboard.
  • Submit a Question and receive a reply within 24 hours.
  • Submit My Writing or Career Documents and receive reviews within 24 hours.
  • Schedule a Future Session with a tutor.
  • Review My Sessions and Submissions in the archive.

Key features

  • Student-Centered Learning. Smarthinking’s online tutoring engages students and provides positive reinforcement. Tutors guide students, pose probing questions, and use parallel examples to promote active learning.
  • Technology that Brings Concepts Alive. Smarthinking’s proprietary tutoring software enables highly interactive tutoring sessions. Using an online whiteboard for live, real-time collaboration, tutors and students have access to a palette of tools to share text, draw diagrams, import documents, and share screens. Audio and video are also available.
  • Increased Faculty Support. When Smarthinking provides support, faculty can spend valuable class time focusing on problem areas and new topics.
  • Smarthinking is Rated Highly. Surveys of thousands of students consistently show that online tutoring services improve course completion and help student performance.

Details about Smarthinking:

  • 5-minute overview video:
  • Smarthinking homepage:
  • Technical Requirements
    Computers: Windows (10/8.x/7.x/Vista/XP), Apple Macintosh (macOS version 10.4x or higher), Linux, and Google
    Chrome OS (Chromebooks). At least 1GB memory and a Pentium Dual Core or faster processor (or equivalent).
    Browsers: Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher, Microsoft Edge, Firefox 12.0 or higher, Google Chrome, and Safari 5.0 or
    higher. Enable JavaScript and allow cookies and pop-ups.
    Smartphones and tablets: Download an optional free Smarthinking mobile app for Apple devices (iPhone®/iPad®) and Android devices. Or use Smarthinking through your device’s web browser (for example, Safari or Google Chrome).
    Internet connections: At least 256 kbps (Most cable and phone company connections will work as well as most satellite connections and internet-connected home wireless networks).
    Technical help: or 1-866-321-1004

Smarthinking (Online Tutoring)

To log onto Smarthinking:

  1. Log onto Moodle
  2. Click Student Lounge
  3. Click Smarthinking Online Tutoring.

We offer free online tutoring to all students!