Writing Tutoring Information

When you come to the Tutoring Center,

  • bring your writing and the assignment guidelines with you.
  • be able to identify your general topic and purpose.
  • plan ahead: consider scheduling an appointment at least two days before your assignment is due.

TC tutors will:

  • listen to your topic ideas and ask questions to help you develop your focus.
  • review your paper to ensure it follows the assignment, and explain why, if it does not.
  • point out confusing or unclear parts of your essay.
  • help you identify grammar mistakes in your writing and explain how to correct them.

TC tutors will NOT:

  • edit your entire essay for you.
  • comment on your opinions, correctness, or incorrectness.

Other Writing Lab Services

  • Several writing handouts are available that you may take for quick reference
  • Grammar guides and handbooks that you may use while working in the lab
  • A computer lab that you may use to research and/or type your paper