Student Technology

You will use the same password for myBRTC, email, and to log into the computer network in the computer labs.

Username:  First Name.Middle Initial.Last name (ie John Q Doe would be John.Q.Doe).

Password: Your initial password is your 6 digit birthday (ie January 12, 1990  = 011290).  You will be asked to change it.

Your BRTC student email address will be your account

So John Q Doe would have an email address of

You can access your email through myBRTC.

You can forward your BRTC email account to an existing account by logging into your Gmail account, click on settings, forwarding and enable forwarding to your existing account. After that any emails send to your BRTC address should be forwarded to the account you designated.

If you still need help and are in a computer lab, contact the Lab Assistant on duty.

Otherwise, contact Computer Services at (870) 248-4000 ext. 4050 or