Inclement Weather Policy

The president may cancel classes in the event of severe weather.

Announcements of cancellations will be found on the following media channels.  These sources represent the official BRTC decision.  Please do not rely upon other sources.

2021 snow

 your campus is open but you cannot get to your classes because of the weather, please contact your instructor as quickly as you are able.  We want our students and employees to put safety first.

We hope everyone will be careful during inclement weather.  If you are involved in an accident, please take care of yourself first but send word to your instructor as soon as you are able

Online classes are not canceled in inclement weather events.  Only severe power outages will impact online classes.

If you have concerns, please contact your instructor as quickly as you are able.

BRTC policy prohibits bringing children to class.  If you run into this situation, please contact your instructor as quickly as you are able.

All concurrent classes held at local high schools will following the schedule at that school.  If your high school is closed and that is where you have class, you will not have your concurrent class that day.  If BRTC is closed but your high school is open, you will have class that day.

No.  BRTC currently has 2 locations:  Pocahontas and Paragould.  BRTC announcements will identify which of the locations are closed.  BRTC fire science programs which meet in Walnut Ridge are considered part of the Pocahontas campus.

BRTC classes do not hold make-up classes.  If a class is canceled, the instructor will work to integrate that material into other class meetings or in a different way.

Many local high schools implement AMI, or Alternative Methods of Instruction, days when campus is closed for inclement weather.  BRTC does not hold official AMI days.

However, your instructor may have you complete assignments on Moodle or via another electronic medium, but each instructor has the flexiblity to address classes lost to inclement weather as they see fit.

Please visit with your instructor to determine if your instructor will require submissions of assignments via electronic means.

Please contact your instructor as quickly as you are able.  Your instructor tell you what you need to do.