Student Appeals

Students have the right to make the following appeals.

  • Grade Appeal: In order to appeal your final grade in a course, you must first contact your course instructor. If after speaking with your instructor you wish to appeal the grade, continue with the appeal process.
  • Plagiarism/Academic Misconduct Appeal:  Students wishing to appeal charges of plagiarism or academic misconduct may appeal sanctions.
  • Program Re-entry Appeal:  If you have been dismissed from a program of study at BRTC, you may appeal that dismissal.
  • Tuition Charge Appeal:  Students who contend they have not attended any classes at BRTC will have the semester in which they enrolled--and did not attend--to appeal any charges for tuition and fees.  Students who do not appeal within the semester enrolled will be considered to have attended and will be responsible for all charges generated.  Students wishing to appeal their tuition must continue with the appeal process

Appeals Process

  1. Students must refer to the Student Appeal/Grievance Procedures section of the BRTC Course Catalog
  2. Any request must be submitted within 5 days of the occurrence to the Registrar’s office by letter or email.  Their information is below.

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