Faculty and Staff Award Ceremony

BRTC faculty and staff awards were given at the annual end-of-the-semester potluck on May 11. Dr. Eric Turner and Ruth Ann Ellis, BRTC Board of Trustees member, presented the awards.

Each year, BRTC faculty and staff vote on several awards. They chose Kimberly Adams, reading/developmental education instructor, as the BRTC Outstanding Faculty member; Dana Clay, administrative assistant to nursing and respiratory care, as the BRTC Outstanding Staff member; and Jessica Alphin, director of clinical education, as the BRTC Outstanding Alumni. These individuals along with the student chosen as the Academic All-Star, will be honored at the annual conference of the Arkansas Community Colleges in October.

Recipients of the 5-year service award were Cindi Rudi, student affairs administrative assistant; Derek Clements, social science instructor; Thom Fielder, fine arts instructor; Alan Haskins, fire science instructor; Rex Flagg, science instructor; Angie French, recruitment specialist; and Lynda Griffin, science instructor.

Recipients of the 10-year service award were Suezette Hicks, respiratory care program director; Laddie Hunter, English instructor; Ramonda Housh, division chair for nursing and allied health; Steve Shults, director of Law Enforcement Training Academy; Helen Shipley, Career Pathways administrative specialist; Tom Baker, director of Career Pathways; Jared Bassham, law enforcement instructor; and Julie Edington, director of human resources.

Recipients of the 15-year service award were Steve Williams, computer support technician; Courtney Clements, English instructor; Karen Liebhaber, vice president of institutional advancement; Sandy Davis Baltz, fine arts instructor; Travis DeClerk, automotive service technology instructor; Brandi Chester, director of financial aid; Rhonda Stone, associate vice president of finance; and Sherry Griggs, accountant.

Recipients of the 20-year service award were Charlotte Power, social science instructor; Cindy Robinette, adult education instructor; and Ruth Schaa, business instructor.

Recipients of the 25-year service award were Kimberly Johnson, fiscal support technician, and Vickie French, administrative assistant to the president.

Retirements included Judy Ballard, Law Enforcement Training Academy administrative assistant, an employee of 19 years, and Margret Manning, food preparation specialist, an employee of 6 years.