Technical Programs

All BRTC degree-seeking students should demonstrate competency in the general education learning outcomes.

Associate of Applied Science in Transfer Disclaimer

The Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree is designed primarily for employment purposes and it should not be assumed that the degree can be transferred to another institution. It is important for students to get assurance in writing from the receiving college or university in advance of the acceptance of the AAS degree. Students should visit the college or university to which they wish to transfer as early in their college career as possible to facilitate a smooth transition upon departure from BRTC.

  • Auto Collision Repair Technology

    Auto Collision Repair Technology focuses on the cosmetic repair of automobiles, particularly structural alignment and dent removal.

  • Automotive Service Technology

    Automotive Service Technology focuses on  both Electrical Engine and Powertrain Systems repair.

  • Gunsmithing

    BRTC is 1 of only 11 college-affiliated gunsmithing schools in the U.S. and the only one affiliated with a law enforcement academy.

  • Industrial Automation

    Automation is the use of advanced technology and machinery to streamline industrial processes and tasks

  • Industrial Maintenance

    BRTC's Industrial Maintenance program combines the electrical, machine tool, and welding programs with leadership curriculum.

  • Machine Tool Technology

    Learn to become a machinist and create tooling dies, prototypes, fixtures, and other tools.  

  • Robotics Operation

    Robotics operation includes both operation as wel as  observing, controlling, and analyzing active robotic devices.

  • Welding

    BRTC's welding program includes instruction in arc, semi-automatic (MIG), and Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG).

Technical Education Contacts