General Education

BRTC’s general education courses are considered basics, general education core, and university core classes.  They include English, math, science, and social science classes.

All BRTC degree-seeking students should demonstrate competency in the general education learning outcomes.

  • Agriculture

    If you're interested in farming or agriculture and want to get either a practical degree or ag business degree, BRTC's program is for you!

  • Criminal Justice

    Those who do not want to be a police officer but want to work in criminology or the criminal justice system will enjoy this program.

  • Education, K-6 Elementary

    For students planing to become elementary teachers, BRTC's K-6 program will prepare them to begin their bachelor's degree

General Education Program

Some students simply want to get their general education core classes (general education courses) and transfer to a 4-year.  The AA and AGS provide flexibility and transfer to all AR public 4-year universities.

The AA 2-year degree plan is flexible enough to provide students wishing to major in many academic areas with the opportunity to complete the general education requirements needed for most degrees and, also, to take any specialized coursework in their major. The emphasis is such that the student may meet the lower division requirements in general education courses offered at most 4-year institutions.

Students planning to transfer should follow carefully the curriculum advised by the institution to which they will transfer.

The Associate of General Studies (AGS) may be used to provide a basis for attaining General Studies courses and/or technical electives when a student desires to gain direct employment or transfer for a baccalaureate degree. 

The degree is less scheduled and more flexible than the Associate of Applied Science degrees.

This is a 1-semester certificate.

General Education Contacts