BRTC’s Pathways Program Honored

BRTC’s Pathways program was honored during a luncheon ceremony at the recent AATYC meeting in Hot Springs.  Harold Criswell, Deputy Director of the Arkansas Department of Higher Education, presented a plaque to BRTC President Dr. Wayne Hatcher and BRTC’s CPI (Pathways ) Director Tom Baker in acknowledgement of the college’s attainment of program goals.

“CPI programs in each institution are assigned a variety of program goals each year,” Baker explained.  “Upon attainment of those goals, those programs are awarded financial rewards referred to as Performance Based Student Support. This money is to be spent on student support at that institution. Thanks to the dedicated work of the Career Pathways team at BRTC, we have met and/or surpassed all of those goals and have been awarded $24,085.24.”

Dr. Hatcher expressed his appreciation to the Pathways staff for their efforts, and congratulated them on the award.  “This program is one of the most important and one of the most successful in terms of its impact on our students.  By providing assistance in the form of gasoline vouchers and child care, as well as other assistance when appropriate, Pathways has been responsible for helping many students attain or continue on their quest to attain college degrees and certificates.”

Baker noted that due to budget cuts to the state program, the award this year is approximately half of BRTC’s award last year.  Both he and Dr. Hatcher expressed dismay that such a successful program with its proven effectiveness is experiencing declining financial support at a time when increasing the number of Arkansans with college degrees holds such high priority for the state.