BRTC Offers Virtual Tours During Campus Closure

POCAHONTAS, AR May 1, 2020 – BRTC is offering a Black Hawk View of its campus to potential students who are unable to tour the location during this COVID 19 pandemic. During the tour, Admissions Counselor Erin Kerley-Mathews takes viewers on a flight around the campus pointing out locations like the financial aid offices, bookstore, library, and Student Success Center. These locations in partciular offer helpful student resources such as scholarships, payment plans, book rentals, computer labs and study rooms, as well as free tutoring sessions.

Mathews also points out where many of BRTC’s programs such as allied health, agriculture, auto body, and machine tool are housed.

If you are interested in Black River Technical College or know someone who is thinking about attending college, visit our website at and take a tour.

For more information about enrolling, contact Erin Kerley-Mathews at (870) 248-4157 or email her at