Inclusivity and Diversity

In the wake of civil and social unrest it is critical to step back, face challenging subjects, and reflect. At BRTC, we aspire to enhance the community we serve. We recognize that by interacting with and listening to a diversity of people we can better understand and appreciate one another.

BRTC Inclusivity and Diversity Statement

Our students come from all walks of life, and so do we. We bring together great people with diverse perspectives from a wide variety of backgrounds, not simply because it’s the right thing to do, but also because it makes us stronger. If you are curious, kind, and determined, you will find a home at BRTC. We welcome the unique contributions and perspectives that only you can bring.

At the heart of our mission is community and the phrase the community we serve is intentionally broadly inclusive. Inherent in our mission is a commitment to equip every student for success regardless of socioeconomic status, age, race, religion, gender, and/or neuro-difference.

Minority Recruitment and Retention Taskforce Purpose

The task force's purpose is to provide guidance to the administration to help enhance the diversity and inclusivity of BRTC through data analysis and in-depth discussion relating to the diversity and inclusivity of the BRTC student body, faculty, and staff.

Black River Technical College transforms lives through quality academic and career education to enhance the community we serve.

  • Community
  • Learning
  • Quality
  • Students

Because Students are one of our four core values, every employee at BRTC is responsible for treating each student equitably – for listening to, acknowledging, and attending to the at-risk and vulnerable.

Community is another of our four core values. We examine our data and listen to our community to gain an understanding of how to better fulfill our mission.

To be successful, our efforts must be deliberate and integrated. The following statements hold true to our vision, shape how we carry out our mission, and guide how we are expected to treat one another:

  • We take the broadest possible view of diversity, including seen and unseen values.
  • We acknowledge life experiences that make individuals unique.
  • We encourage all employees to use their unique perspectives to help advance our mission.
  • We require fair treatment, accessibility, and opportunity for all students and employees
  • We expect our workplace to be an inclusive environment built upon mutual trust, respect, and dignity.
  • We commit to building a workplace where students and employees feel a sense of belonging.
  • We strive to identify and eliminate barriers to equal opportunity.

Community Members

Raul Blasini
Representative for Hispanic Community
Pat Johnson
Pat Johnson
Representative for Black Community
Darrtu Mimi
Representative for Marshallese Community

BRTC Committee Members