2+2 FACS

Dr. Eric Turner, BRTC Presidents, signed a Memorandum of Understanding for Articulation of Students to UCA, marking the fortieth direct transfer degree.  This MOU allows BRTC students to transfer General Studies courses, as well as some dietary courses, to UCA to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Education in Family and Consumer Sciences.

BRTC’s Associate Degree students may transfer to UCA to continue their education into a variety of areas in addition to FACS including social science, education, business, and allied health.  Students must work with their BRTC advisor to ensure they take the correct courses to satisfy UCA’s degree requirements.

For a complete list of possibilities visit the UCA website at http://uca.edu/2plus2/black-river-tech/brtc-2017-2018/ or contact Donna Statler, BRTC’s Dean of General Studies, at 870.248.4000 ext. 4183.