Mary Beth Lowtharp Receives Spring 2019 Mary Sallee Single Parent Scholarship

\"\"Mary Beth Lowtharp of Pocahontas has been awarded the Mary Sallee Single Parent Scholarship for Spring 2019.  The Mary Sallee Single Parent Scholarship is for single parents, made possible by sub-grants and matching donations from ADHE, United Way and Entergy, along with the help of various fundraising events and contributions by BRTC faculty and staff.  Since 1992, 490 Randolph County residents have received scholarships totaling $222,998.

To qualify, individuals must be a resident of Randolph County, a high school graduate or equivalent, a single head-of-household, pursuing an undergraduate course of study, and meet certain income guidelines. Scholarship amounts vary depending on if the recipient is a full-time or part-time student.  For application deadlines and further information contact Janna Guthrey or Vickie French at 870-248-4000.

Mary Beth is the mother of Trevor Lowtharp and is seeking a degree in nursing.