Husband of BRTC Nursing Instructor Graduates from BRTC Law Enforcement Training Academy

Pictured from left to right:  Tahnee, Terry, Hunter, and Sadie

POCAHONTAS, AR Nov. 30– BRTC is proud of all of its law enforcement graduates, but one in particular is part of the BRTC family.

Terry Green, US Veteran, is the husband of nursing instructor Tahnee Green. Terry graduated from the BRTC Law Enforcement Training Academy as part of class 2019b.  Terry is the first veteran to be a squad leader in the LETA program.

Terry Green won second out of 48 cadets in the Top Overall Award, which is earned by having the highest overall average in the areas of academics, firearms, and physical fitness. He also earned second in the Top Physical Training award.

The 48 graduating officers and veterans completed a 13-week course that included instruction in standard police tactics, firearms, legal education, technical skills, and practical exercises. Officers are required to score at least 70% on each exam and consistently fire at least 80% during firearms training exercises in order to graduate.