BRTC Nursing Students Witness Hearing at Arkansas State Board of Nursing

Nineteen Practical Nursing students attended hearings held at the Arkansas State Board of Nursing (ASBN) in Little Rock on February 15.  The mission of the ASBN is protect the public which includes enforcing the statutory laws within the Nurse Practice Act. Students were excited to see BRTC\’s Ramonda Housh leading the hearing proceedings. She currently serves as the President of the ASBN.

Those in attendance were BRTC instructors Jennifer Hibbard, Bridgette Kasinger, and Tahnee Green.  Students attending were Audrey Bettis, Beverly Brown, Jenny Cook, Lindsey Ford, Natalie Gipson, Natalie Gould, Katie King, Seth Morris, Josh Rabey, Cheyenne Rainwater, Shaelyn Robertson, Whitney Rodgers, Elizabeth Rutledge, Emma Slusser, Krystal Wagster, Amber White, Lisa Wilcox, Cassie Wilson, and Katelynn Woodard.