Information for Students

BRTC Student Email Accounts

All BRTC students will have a student email account provided by Google/GMail! These Email accounts for new students will not be available until the week before the semester begins.

All students should activate this Email account as soon as possible and check it regularly. BRTC Faculty and Staff will send various information via Email to these accounts. Information such as Financial Aid notifications and refund mailings, semester registration dates, last day to withdraw from classes and information about graduation. Faculty advisors will also send emails to their assigned advisees and instructors will send emails at times as well.

You may choose to forward emails from this account to an email account you check daily. To do so, please see instructions below under \”I already have an email account I would rather use. How can I use that one?\”

What\’s my user name and password?

Username: FirstinitialLastnameLastfourofStudentID
Example: JDoe4567

Password: eight digit birthday in the MMDDYYYY format
Example: 01071989

What\’s my BRTC email address?

Your BRTC student email address will be your account name So John Q Public would have an email address of .

How do I access my email?

You access your email through the Gmail web interface. Click here to check your student GMAIL account.

How do I change my password?

Here\’s how to change your password: Sign in to Gmail. Click Settings at the top of any Gmail page, and open the Accounts tab. Click Google Account settings. In the new window, click Change password under the Personal information option. Enter your current password and your new password.

I already have an email account that I would rather use. How can I use that one?

You can forward your BRTC email account to an existing account by logging into your Gmail account, click on settings, forwarding and enable forwarding to your existing account. After that, any emails sent to your BRTC address should be forwarded to the account you designated.

BRTC Handbook

Important information, including the following, may be obtained from the BRTC Student Handbook.

  • Student IDs

  • Parking Tags

  • Employment Assistance

  • Graduation

  • Inclement Weather Policy

  • School hours

  • Smoking

  • Student Judicial Process

There are several dates you\’ll want to know, such as the last day to add or drop a class. In addition, the following terms are ones you\’ll encounter frequently at BRTC. See the BRTC College Catalog for more information about the following, including a printed copy of the BRTC campus map:

  • A No-Show is a student who does not attend class(es) the first week of class during the Fall/Spring terms or the first day of the summer semesters, who has registered before classes begin. These students will be dropped from class and must re-enroll to regain access.

  • Students may add or change a course on Campus Connect through the third day of a fall or spring semester.

  • Students may add or change a course on Campus Connect through the second day of a summer semester.

  • Students may withdraw from a course or the college until the withdrawal deadline identified on the academic calendar.

  • A part-time student is a student who is enrolled in fewer than 12 hours per fall/spring semesters or fewer than 6 hours during the summer session.

  • A full-time student is a student who is enrolled in 12 hours or more per fall/spring semesters or 6 hours or more during the summer session.

  • Students who do not maintain minimum grade requirements will be placed on academic probation, with one semester to bring grades up to standard. See the catalog for readmission requirements.

  • Students will be suspended for one regular semester if the grades are still not at the required level after the allotted additional semester. See the catalog for readmission requirements.

BRTC Campus Police Department


Three certified law enforcement officers patrol all college streets, all streets and highways that border the college and enforce all Arkansas Criminal and Traffic laws on both the Pocahontas and Paragould campuses. All violations are adjudicated in Randolph County District Court, Randolph County Circuit Court, Greene County District Court, and Green County circuit Court, depending where the offense occurs.

Seventeen parking violations have been adopted by the BRTC Board of Directors in accordance with Arkansas State Law, statue number 25-17-307. BRTC campus police enforce all parking violations. Parking rules apply for both the Pocahontas and Paragould campuses. The fines for parking violations are $5.00 for the first violation. Each successive violation increases by $5.00. Payment must be made at the student accounts window. Payments must be received before student is allowed to receive semester grades or graduate. Repeated violations may result in vehicle towing at the owner’s expense.


Students are encouraged to contact BRTC Campus Police at (870) 248-4034 to file police reports for any criminal matter or motor vehicle accident.


BRTC has instituted procedures to handle all potential problems that might arise in the event of a natural or man-made disaster on campus.

  • In the event of an emergency, a loud alert tone will sound over the BRTC loud speaker system.

  • Specific instructions will be announced after the alert tone.

  • Exit route maps are posted in all classrooms if evacuations of buildings is necessary

  • Alerts will be sent through RAVE system to text, email, and phone numbers.

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