Deciding What to Take

Once all of the required materials on the Registration Checklist have been received by BRTC, students must meet with an advisor. Advisors are instrumental in helping students with their desired or potential degree/certificate, selection and scheduling of courses, and with basic BRTC information.

New students will be advised by one of the Academic Advisors in Student Services. You will also be assigned a faculty program advisor. You are required to meet with this advisor each semester to discuss your degree plan before enrolling in classes. During this meeting your advisor will help you select the correct courses for your degree plan and develop a schedule.  After this meeting you will be ready to register for your classes.

You can prepare for advisement and registration by having an idea about what you need to take and when you want to take your courses. See which courses are being offered each semester by looking at the class schedule. You can also help prepare yourself for your advising session by becoming familiar with the following terms and information.  Use the Planning/Registering guide found here:

  • Credit Hour refers to the hours you are in class each week. Most classes are 3 credit hours, but some that have labs may be 4; others may be 2.

  • MW means class meets on Monday and Wednesday.

  • TR means class meets on Tuesday and Thursday.

  • F means class meets on Friday.

  • S means class meets on Saturday.

  • M or T or W or R or F means class meets only one day or night per week.

  • Room numbers with PAC, TC and TR refer to the Paragould campus.

  • Online in the building section means the class in an online, or Internet class. For more information about online classes, see the DE website.

  • Hybrid after the course name means that the class is a combination of online and on-campus coursework.

  • CVN after the course name means that the class is held via compressed video.

Also consider such things as your work schedule and home obligations before you decide how many courses to take each semester. You will be considered a full time student if you take 12 or more credit hours.

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