Dr. Jan Ziegler Pay Back to Go Forward Scholarship

The Jan Ziegler Pay Back to Go Forward (PBGF) Scholarship was created to help close the gap for part-time students when a lack of financial aid assistance leaves students relying on loans or paying out-of-pocket.  This scholarship helps assist these students in completing their desired career certificate or degree.   

The PBGF Scholarship awards a tuition and fee waiver of a maximum of $840 for 6 (six) credit hours per semester for a maximum of five (5) semesters or completion of the declared major, whichever occurs first.  Cohorts begin with the fall semester each academic year. This scholarship program is contingent upon successful completion of the previous term with a maximum total award of $4,200 per student, equivalent to 30 credit hours at $140 per credit hour*. 

Students are responsible for payment of tuition and fees for the fall (or first) semester of the cohort, completing six credit hours with a minimum grade of C or 2.00 GPA.   PBGF Scholarship funds are payable to the student’s account for tuition and fee balances of a maximum of six credit hours, after any partial Pell eligibility is applied.  

At the completion of the students 5th (or final) semester, the student will be “paid back” for up to six credit hours of tuition and fees for the first (fall semester) in the academic year cohort.   

Initial eligibility is determined by part-time status in the first semester of the cohort and a financial need.  Additional guidelines are as follows:

  • Must be a returning student who successfully completed their fall semester.
  • Students must be ineligible for full Pell grants, scholarships, workforce funding, and any other financial aid assistance.  
  • Students must remain in the same degree plan toward completion and graduation.  
  • Students must complete 6 credit hours per term. 
  • Student eligibility will be monitored for any change in financial aid status per semester.  
  • Scholarship awards will be reduced if the student’s account balance is less than the $840 for the term.   
  • The courses completed per semester must be in the student’s declared degree plan. 

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*The cost per credit hour of $140 includes in-state tuition and fees, excluding any applicable distance education fees.  


Note – Scholarship guidelines and funding are subject to change.