Communication is essential to successfully manage a disaster.

Computer Connection

BRTC is linked on campus and to the state via one fiber optic line.  Fiber optic cables utilizing the ARE-ON network link BRTC in Pocahontas to BRTC in Paragould and to other institutions of higher education throughout the state.

Students who reside in town have a combination of DSL and cable internet available to them.  However, students who live further out in the counties have much fewer options and in some cases, struggle to achieve connectivity.  BRTC provides labs with internet and computers as well as other computer services to students on campus.   In addition, students are welcome to use the labs at any time during lab hours for school, work, and personal use, as long as usage follows regulated BRTC computer guidelines.

Emergency Radio System

BRTC police department utilizes a radio system which is tied directly into the state, local, and county police, fire, and emergency departments.  If any emergency occurs on the BRTC campus, emergency personnel have immediate access to outside emergency resources.