BRTC Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan

[notice]143,351 service area residents will be served by this project.[/notice]

History of Natural Disasters

BRTC, with its main campus in Randolph County, has a service area of 143,351 residents, and has suffered from the following natural disasters:

There is no safe room or FEMA Disaster Response Center in Randolph County.

BRTC offers the only accredited police academy in the state of Arkansas and serves city, county, and state law enforcement agencies. As such it is poised to serve as the Randolph County FEMA Disaster Response Command Center.

Fiscal Risk in Addition to Risk of Life: $55,285,498

Currently concerns for flood and earth movement coverage for the Black River Technical College public entity insurance plan have been focused on the lack of availability and/or capacity of coverage, at any price. Reinsurance markets seem to be increasing prices or pulling back capacity, which in turn causes the primary company layers to follow. Higher deductibles are almost a certainty going forward.

  1. In 2011 the Final Proof of Loss was $2,928,055.73.  Affected buildings included the following:
    • Law Enforcement Training Academy,
    • Health Science Center,
    • Library,
    • Adult & Community Education Center, and
    • Randolph Community Development Center.
  2. In 2017 the Final Proof of Loss was $4,566,177.49.  Additional buildings were affected.
    BRTC may very well be looking at flood coverage only offered in excess of NFIP, whether purchased or perhaps excluded altogether for the main campus location.
  3. It is certain that NFIP prices will be much higher in 2020, given the 2019 hurricane season is surpassing forecasted projections.
  4. The replacement cost of all public campus buildings in Pocahontas is $55,285,498.

In Response to the Risk of Life

The BRTC campus currently houses

  • A new nursing building which can function as an emergency medical center,
  • A contingent of trained emergency response personnel located BRTC\’s
    • Law Enforcement Training Academy
    • Fire Academy
    • EMT, paramedic, and nursing programs
  • A cafeteria,
  • A communications infrastructure.

Disaster Support Needed

The College requests support in seeking FEMA or other funding to construct the following:

  1. A $1.3 million flood mitigation berm system is to be designed and constructed around the Pocahontas campus to start in 2020.
  2. A $3.5 million community safe facility that will serve as
    • Barracks for cadets during police academy sessions;
    • Community outreach space during health and wellness events;
    • Disaster response training and center;
    • A safe room for displaced residents during disasters; and
    • The Randolph County FEMA Disaster Response Command Center.